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  • Body Firming cream with extracts of vitamin e and plant...
    MALINKA 0518

    It can firm and tone the skin of the body, preventing the formation of stretch marks and sagging. The vitamin E has an effective anti-aging action, while the plant extracts are known for their toning and stretching action. The texture of this cream allows easy absorption. 200 ml. Consumatrice media: 16-40+ year old. For all skin types.

    € 12.00
  • Crema Corpo Anti-Cellulite
    MALINKA 0517

    Intensive treatment for combating and preventing cellulite by action of seaweed extracts which act effectively on reducing the so-called “orange peel skin”, carrying out a drainage function and preventing the formation of fatty deposits. 200 ml. Consumatrice media: 16-40+ year old. For all skin types.

    € 12.00
  • Body Oil - with sweet Almond oil extracts.
    MALINKA 0516

    The sweet almond oil body Malinka plays a particularly moisturizing and emollient action leaving skin smooth, soft and silky long. Sweet and delicate fragrance. Made with natural extracts. Recommended for use during and after pregnancy, in fact, thanks to its moisturizing sweet almond oil also plays an effective preventive action against the formation of...

    € 6.90

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